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Dear Disagreeable, QR pilots and others

Just to help you understand the situation of those SO’s crying everyday to seek informations regarding their DOJ. The other airline hiring SO’s is CX, after you trained you have to cruise during 4-5years to serve coffee and help the crew to sleep before you become FO while being paid crap. So for the 100+ SO’s in Doha and those waiting their DOJ since 1 year now it is still OK taking into account the upgrade is faster with QR. But at least with CX, when your interview is over you’re informed if it was Ok or not and when you join. What I mean is it is useless to talk to them like there are many options everywhere.

@Disagreeable.You’re not helping at all so better to say nothing. They will prefer you, in your actual position, to go knoc the door of the HR with the same energy you used to write your posts, to ask them to clarify the situation of each SO’s with official e-mails. If they had time to interview so nicely so many people, they have time to state clearly who will be hire or not and you’ll not see people staying here desperately.

I have noticed things change rapidly here and you may unexpectedly get a call... But I wouldn't stop looking for other opportunities in the mean time.
Everytime you’ll give hope to those waiting, they’ll wait. If you want people to go to do something else instead of waiting desperately, tell them clearly what they expected is dead, officially. Then they’ll move. You can humiliate, make them poor, say they are dirty, scam, campers or idiots to wait, they will stay by the time there is hope.

Just to remind you that all the poor SO’s in the pool waiting are young guys looking QR as a dream airline to start, wanting to fly the jets with you QR pilots. If they don’t deserve attention by their experience, they deserve minimum respect for the way they look at you and the job you’re doing.

I’m a simple follower of this thread but astonished to see that things can’t be done nicer for such respectable airline.

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