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No duty of care!!!

Lockhart River - Urquhart Coroner Barnes. 20 Aug, 2007.

" Evidence clearly provided to the inquest both by CASA witnesses and others, showed how CASA has not really changed anything in the way it operates and its serious disregard for promoting safety within the Regional Airline Industry. This is supported by reams of information and statements I have read over a long period of time. Does CASA not have some duty of care in an industry where safety is paramount and should there not be serious consequences imposed on individuals and the organisation for breaches of this? " etc.
Although no fatalities can so far be attributed to the "AvGas contamination" CASA has refused to follow up the testing recommendations as per the ATSB report. Mobil has gone out of the AvGas business so things must be safe. If not just blame the pilot. Maybe any re introduction of testing may show up CASA s culpability. [we're not guilty and certainly not sorry] who does industry think they are? Notice any similarity with Coroner Barnes' finding. Time we did the "fit & proper test"

"empty skies are safe skies"
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