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I expected the usual suspects to throw rocks at something they know little about.

No wind up and not from any contract company. Here is the link for the Cabin Crew rating;

The Australian airline with the most glamorous cabin crew |

I take it your beauty's didn't make the grade?

CSA is trying extremely hard to keep expats happy, despite the usual list of demands that contract pilots roll out. The goal is another Emirates, Cathay, etc and they will be hammering the Australian market hard.

CSA has also dismissed pilots for disciplinary and standards issues, having said that if you play the game you are welcomed into the family.

Make no mistake, you need to put in a big effort and need to be a healthy specimen with a great attitude (no dick swinging egos welcome) to get accepted, but the rewards are there once up and running.

Monthly pay is net and no tax top up required for Oz pilots.

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