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The level of abuse was unbelieveable. In many cases they've been painted as women who got pregnant out of wedlock; but in alot of cases they were women impregnated by priests through rape or abuse. The church used it to cover up their own priest's abuses among other things, so it wouldn't get out what happened to the girls.
Not sure what documentary you saw but not one I have ever seen and have seen a few of them. The claim of being pregnant with children of priests is not in any report so could you not make up crap.

I have an elderly Irish friend whose sister in law was in the launderies. I met her a couple of times when she visited them in the UK for a holiday when in her 60's. The description today would be mildly mentally handicapped but mentally sub normal would have been used years ago.

She spent almost her whole life there and was cared for there where as he admitted that she wouldn't have been capable of living on her own. They feel she had a good life and was cared for which wouldn't have occured in outside world.

Challenging about why they left her there if it was so bad her sister dismissed that saying do you feel that I would have abandoned her to there if that was the case. She also said that on quite a lot of occasions over the years when they visited Dublin they would turn up unannounced and while her sister was working during the week she had freedom to meet with them for a short while. At weekends she spent the time with them.

She had left the laundry and came to live with them in the 1970's but was so unhappy and unsettled that she wanted to return because she knew she would be cared for. The sister died in 1998 after being ill for 8 years and was cared for by the same nuns who supposed were abusers, I know my friends visited often and have nothing but kind words about how she was treated. This doesn't tie up with the supposed fiction of a movie.

I expected the report to be scathing but it was anything but indicating a place of refuge for women available nowhere else but it required hard work in return. Friend who worked in a manual occupation and now in his 90's laughed at the idea that it was only there where hard work and long hours were required as he started working at 15 in a factory with long hours.
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