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I think some miss the point of an HR department, its got nothing at all to do with a pilot or indeed any employee's ability to do the job, its more about keeping the company clear of discrimination be it race, colour, gender, sexual inclination and these days ageism.

The changes to crew composition means that two pilots over 60 can not fly together, thats reduces crewing flexibility and whilst pilots who are older and don't have snotty nosed kids at home generally have better attendance records, there is never the less a perception that older = more sick leave

So an HR department can create a set of hoops that keeps anyone they choose out, but protects the company, HR is not a skill set as demonstrated by the ability or lack there of in Jet2 HR department.

I had a call from a guy who was called by Jet2 HR last week following an assessment he failed two months ago asking if he could still start in a couple of weeks?? when he told him he had failed the interview he was told oh that doesn't matter??, Another mate was offered a direct contract permanent confirmed by e mail and received a contract from Zenon??

I gather they are now bonding contracts, that is to say when you sign a contract to start months ahead, you're entering into a legally binding contract for 7k if you decide you've got a better offer and go else where??

How true all of these are i have now idea, but i know lots of people in Jet2 and they are very happy with the company and pilot management, HR is another matter.

They are not alone mind you I hear "Mad dog" Murphy at Air Contractors went ape when two ex baby guys changed their mind having accepted an offer from him, I'm told you now have to show proof of confirmed ticket to Dublin before even the interview is confirmed.

I think the good news is that it show movement in the pilot work place, at least for experienced type rated pilots
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