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Pilotage: Today especially after seeing that the Virgin Atlantic apprenticeship reopens for admissions next month I am hugely tempted to drop out. Just need the reassurance first that at the moment I cannot get into that career path via the degree.

Kapton: I agree with what your saying but being Britain it was June on placement and we had thunderstorms for two days and it was after 4 hours standing in the rain holding jubilee clips and sockets at the foot of a set of ladders under a Q400 wing when I realised I was still enjoying placement. Even the hours spent pulling up the non-slip flooring in an E195 forward cargo bay and re-laying the new stuff didn't put me off, and at 6"2' it wasn't comfortable! I think the placement I undertook including night shifts wasn't a watered down glossy look at the job as I have got my CAA logbook and attempting to gain as much experience as possible. I know it might sound sad but it doesn't faze me with the bad points, every job has a bad side but it still interests me. I still want to assess all options so I'll take a look at the Rolls-Royce and BAE suggestions of yours, so thanks I appreciate them.

Ultimately I've been wanting clarification as at the moment I have either got no answer or useless ones that don't help. Like I said to Pilotage the VA apprenticeship opening up again has spurred me on into exploring more avenues of seeking help. I've tried emails, LinkedIn and even begun writing a blog to attempt to get noticed! Thanks for your replies! They are greatly appreciated!
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