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How can BEng Graduates become B1 Licensed Maintenance Engineers?


I'm a current 2nd year Aerospace Engineering student at the University of Liverpool and I want to become a Licensed B1 Engineer rather than someone who sits behind a desk or someone in manufacturing/design (not that there's anything wrong with it I'm just more of a practical person).

I understand straight away that I will be told I'm doing the wrong thing but originally I signed up toe the MEng course with the intention of joining the RAF upon graduation, however after joining the reserves at university I decided it wasn't the job I wanted. So after a bit of luck I managed to get three week placement with an airline on line maintenance and base maintenance working with Bombardier Q400 and Embraer 175/195 aircraft and a further three weeks this Easter. After that placement I found out that the degree was the wrong route for that job and that I should have done an apprenticeship. So anyway I've decided to get my Part-66 application logbook to log the experience I have so far with the aim of getting more placements to gain experience. However, after consulting the Royal Aeronautical Society I am dropping off the MEng course and have been told that there are ways in for BEng graduates to the hands-on shift work that I know I want to do and enjoy.

The trouble I am having at the moment is I do not know where to go to get into the industry as all I can find is apprenticeship's and instead of helping me and advising me the airlines I have emailed so far have just told me that I will be ineligible for apprenticeships and have offered no help as to how to get into the career I want (the ones who have actually replied that is). Obviously at this stage leaving university would be a drastic, last choice. But with 17 months until graduation I am worried that the degree might hinder rather than help.

Does anyone know anything that could help, someone who can help or where to get help from, please?

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