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I think you may need to do a little more research. The A320 is capable of certification down to .10 but there are some software mods required.

Air NZ operate to that in ZQN with both the domestic A320 and the much older (almost 10 years old now) regional A320. They were infact the first A320 operator with RNP approval below .30

One of the assumptions here regarding the ILS is the minima will be 200 feet. If you take NZWN with a modern ILS installation it's minima it 300 feet on 16 and between 300 and 450 feet depending on NAV fit and CAA approval for 34. The 16 minima is based on lighting issues and the 34 minima is a missed approach and lighting issue. I don't know the design parameters for CG but will it meet certification for 200 ft AGL? I don't know the answer to that one, anybody here with the information?
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