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Using PAS Sqn Ldrs in desk jobs is also "scandelous" IMHO - for every 9 top-rate PAS Sqn Ldrs in the same jobs, we could have 10 career/exec stream top-rate Sqn Ldrs on full flying pay. Basically it is about 7k difference between the two. Therefore, if we are sending lots of PAS guys to desk jobs we could be wasting 10% of our pay bill in some areas if they are 100% manned by PAS.

Once again, I don't begrudge the individual on a current PAS deal, but I don't think that it should continue for new entries when we have a chance to change it. It's too expensive, it's devisive and in my experience it does not encourage ambition in some (and I stress "some").

They would do well to go back to the old Specialist Aircrew path - it worked, there were plenty wanting to do it and I have no idea why they f^cked with it...


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