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Back to my comments, I stand by them (even if I had sunk a few IPAs before typing). I remember when "Offo" came and briefed everyone on PAS and some of us stared in disbelief. We new it was going to be devisive, even amongst the aircrew cadre (both Spec Aircrew and the career minded). It would create a system where aircrew of similar age, capability, performance and experience could earn vastly different wages and pensions - fair, it was not! (in my best Yoda voice).

Ever since it came in, it has created "have's and have nots" and for every person it seemed "fair" to there was another who thought it unfair.

I think it will be hard to justify PAS on its current terms in future now that jobs in the airlines are no longer guaranteed thanks to the loss of bridging within CAP804. That's not my sour-grapes speaking, but just how it appears to be shaping up.

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