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I agree that there are deserving cases, but then there are other PAS individuals who are pretty uninspirational and are going to get paid a mahoosive pension. The Spec Aircrew scheme worked well, was popular, and I don't know why the RAF decided to instigate PAS and AFPS05 and create such a large chasm between PAS and 'the general list' (whatever it is called these days). That has lead to the 100k FRI for SO2s being offered, which has further drained resources.

I'm not having a go at you Sargs, me old, it's just the system that created the monster that is called PAS and AFPS05. It has created an expectation for a Flt Lt Pilot to earn up to 72.5k per year, with all the other entitlements like CEA (~15k/year), HTD (up to ~3k per year), free health care, cheap quarters, etc.., etc... Then it is topped off by a pension at age 55 of ~35k+. I just don't see why anyone would press for promotion under that system and why they had to effectively 'bribe' individuals to take Sqn Ldr promotion with the offer of 100k at their immediate pension point as an FRI.

Biggus, I agree, "scandelous" is a strong word, but when we pay our Army privates <20k per year to get their arses shot at in Afghanistan, how can we justify not being slightly emotive about it?

Again, this is not a personal attack on Sargs, it is my personal opinion on a system that to me has been devisive against all the other branches. I had FRI 1 and FRI 2 and I was very grateful, but I do feel embarrassed if the subject is raised in front of fellow officers (such as engineers, RAFP, RAF Regt, etc...) who have not been so fortunate, but have, in my opinion, been just as deserving.


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