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Let me just explain, for Leon Jabachjabicz benefit.

It's a fair reward for what I have done in my career. The other people? Well, that I would regard as unfair; if they've worked as hard and as loyally as me, they deserve it too.

Yes, I've stayed doing what I love - but that's the point. I joined to do what I do, and I'm very good at it - as you suspect, I'm "above average" in my present role and all the roles I've had before - all 35 years of them. That's a good thing for the Service and a good thing for the taxpayer, and that's why I deserve the remuneration I get.

Yes, I have landed the "deal of the century", but that doesn't mean I should warrant your (or iRavens) opprobrium - perhaps you should examine everybody else's pay scale and critique that. You could instead regard it as a rare flash of recognition in an otherwise uninspired series of pay reviews.

Yes, I am going to enjoy what I've "secured" myself - whilst I was "in the right place at the right time" it's nothing less than I deserve - the fact that others, who may deserve it just as much as I, don't get it is not down to me. I'm sorry for them, but instead of coming into this thread and having a go at me and others like me, perhaps you may wish to redirect your energies to other threads where a lack of a suitable reward to Servicemen generally is a hot topic.
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