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By this I presume you weren't PAS, and/or AFPS05? I'm both, and it's not scandalous, it's a fair reward for 35 years dedicated service as a Professional Aviator with only two promotions in that time...
Let's just dissect this for iRaven's benefit.

"It's a fair reward for 35 years of dedicated service" - there are plenty of Service people that do 35 years of dedicated service and get only half the amount at 55; I suspect they would not think it is "fair"!

"as a Professional Aviator with only two promotions in that time..." - so you've stayed doing what you love doing, you're probably 'above average' (just like the aircrew that get promoted to Sqn Ldr and Wg Cdr but have had to do a staff job inbetween), you're probably 'welded' to your MOB for many years for stability and you haven't had to do any of the other 'nause' because you've declared your hand that you don't want the extra stress and responsibility of promotion by staying PAS?

I envy you my friend, as you have landed 'the deal of the century'! However, I also believe that the original scheme was poorly thought through and could be described as "scandelous" by many not in the scheme. I suspect that the golden age of PAS will draw to a close by 2015 as it is unaffordable and also it has fed the need for 100k SO2 FRIs that are also unaffordable.

Enjoy what you've secured for yourself - you were in the right place at the right time.

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