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c) Or this will surface soon. I hope!
There are two nations' regulatory agencies involved in the preliminary investigation. And some of us have multiple agencies with skin in the game (NTSB, FAA). And getting through the layers of subcontractors resembles peeling an onion (tears and all), I'm wondering how soon 'soon' will be.

Back when I worked at Boeing (and we still had some involvement in the design game), I could run down the hall and go talk to some engineer responsible for another subsystem. Maybe dash off a memo to record things. But once we adopted the outsource everything model (thanks, McDonnell Douglas), the equivalent communications had to go through 'proper channels' to ensure contractual compliance.

It would be interesting to see if the same is happening now. That is: Does the NTSB receive data from the actual responsible parties directly? Or does it have to work its way through both the contractual and international regulatory maze?
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