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I am interested in the point you are making. What is it?

Hersman is being exceedingly kind to the FAA and their huge problem.

Hersman cannot say: "Fire is not allowed". Yet in a piece of non critical kit that has a history of spontaneous combustion FAA are allowing an expectation of fire. In their poorly worded 'release to service' of this problematic technology, my favorite is that any combustion/damage may not exceed a sphere of 56 inches. Not "Contained" but exceed

As if a fire is somehow self limiting to a certain volume, excluding flame from other, more critical, systems'.

This is a BACKUP BATTERY, not a generator (of which there are six), or a brake system, or......

Boeing demonstrated no need for the Lithium Battery, none, not even an honest statement that it would be light, energetic, and sexy in a brochure.....

The goat in my post is FAA....not Hersman.
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