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My issue is with the regulation, not the technology. The ironic part is the steps needed to mitigate risk in a system that is required to provide safety in an emergency. Once (re)Airborne, the fleet could fly fifty years without primary power system fault that requires interruption with a system that has grounded the fleet due its own failures. In its first year of service.

Short sighted, sloppy, weak, ignorant.

It is patently clear the original rules were woefully lacking, even permissive instead of restrictive....

There is a warning label in Commerce: "Cannot be made SAFE".... By the time Boeing demonstrates a hefty ceramic battery vault with poured in place conductors, pressure sensing exhaust that dumps into the airstream, and cooling systems that have to work nonstop, with controllers and motors that are shielded from electrolyte, ad nausea, small nuclear reactors will power us about the heavens.
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