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"Seductive batteries" for an electric plane


I was also in love with her, until my son started to use the dangerous units in his RC models. He was not allowed to recharge it inside our home.

(These batteries reminds the joke on why hurricanes were named with female names.)


FAA authorizes, Thales offers the "seductive" batteries to Boeing, Securaplane design solutions, Yuasa offers the cells, PCBs are manufacture (OEM) and the mix is integrated in 787 with algorithms, protections, etc.

The mess starts. The politicians go to the stage (visibility)

Who is the ultimate responsible for the losses?

No can socialize (the losses). This was made since 2009 crisis.

Irony: A backup part (main battery) and the other to start an AUXILIARY power unit.

In a highly redundant (seems truly a dream in this respect)
(innovative electric plane-even bleed air app., windmill gennies in engines, etc.)

Batteries power is just 2/1000 of A/C power)

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