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Short circuit would degrade the poly over time, due heat, so I am interested in the end cap integrity. Also, wouldn't Li metal tend to aggregate at the 'top'' of the cell, across the plate(s)? Are these cells three wound plates, or one continuous? The NTSB lab table appeared to have several 'unrolled' plates on it.

The NTSB briefing definitely looked scripted, the questions most definitely so. Nothing asked that wasn't covered in PPRuNe by the third day of grounding, imo.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see how things work at this level of government, commerce....Boeing finally figured out the advisability of staying quiet. They may be minus a few people, those who spewed like electolyte...

I am annoyed at the unprofessional use of the language. Not even Hersman seems to know the difference between "How" and "Why"....

It is what it is....
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