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Over in rumours and news, #273, re-checked posted a link to the ntsb
press briefing video:

Chairman Deborah A.P. Hersman briefs the media on the JAL Boeing 787 battery fire investigation. - YouTube

How to say very little over a long period, is the first thing that strikes
me and looks like the event is being carefully stage managed.

More interesting are the areas discussed, where the battery analysis takes
centre stage. Seems a bit odd to me, since any battery that suffered such
catastrophic failure would be expected to have cell deformation and evidence
of internal short circuits, yet the images are presented as though something

Possibly more important and not being discussed as yet is the intelligent
charger. A charger of that would be expected to have internal non volatile
storage and software to log both normal and abnormal conditions. For example,
the number of charge cycles and the voltage, currents and timescales involved.
There should be a log of the events and conditions that led up to the failure
which would be downloadable for analysis. Perhaps they are doing this already,
but no reports as yet...


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