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The mother of all tails along these lines has to be the BA B747 that nearly landed on the A road alongside Heathrow
This aircraft (a 747-100 series) did not mistake the A4 for RWY 27R. They neither saw RW 27R or the A4.

They were attempting an autoland due to poor vis. The 747-100 series particularly had poor automatics (compared to more modern equipment these days) and the aircraft had to be 'nurtured' into a stable approach by positioning for a long final. They did not give the aircraft this opportunity and it never became stabilised on the localiser.

When it was apparent the aircraft was not stable a late go-around was executed, and while I would make no personal judgement of the crew, it would seem the go-around was poorly executed in that much less than full go-around EPR (1.41) was attained and insufficient nose up pitch was applied.

Worthy of note was the fact that the F/O was new to the fleet and had yet to carry out his 'all wx ops' training. Permission was granted by BA management to carry out an autoland despite the F/O's lack of training.

Also noteworthy was the fact that both the F/O and F/E were suffering from bad stomach upsets which they had apparently picked up in the slip at MRU. The F/O had sought medical advice and was given some medication to help. The F/E apparently did not seek medical advice but had used some of the medication given to the F/O.

The F/E never flew again and the Captain was demoted. He was also prosecuted by the CAA for reasons I have no time for here and sadly committed suicide some time later.

BA management stopped giving such permissions for autolands when crew member were unqualified. BA then undertook a major overhaul of the operational procedures to be used when operating low vis ops.

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