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Cowpats and Holes.


Broadband all singin' all dancin' again. Sad pic (happy one for the cows !) Never knew that "dope" turned cows on, stands to reason I suppose - the things I'm learning from this Thread at my age !

Your Desmond was right. Always remember: "A Black Box has no fear of Death" ! The Brigand story reminds me of a verse of Kipling:

A Schneider cracked in a thicket,
Someone giggled and fled.
And the men of the 1st Shikaris
Picked up their officer dead,
With a big blue mark on his forehead
And the back blown out of his head.

("The Grave of the Hundred Head" - what we would call a War Crime in our more enlightened days).

Next instalment soon, I hope,


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