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Geriaviator, many thanks for the period pic of you at "Kormate". You clearly had excellent taste for such a young age, obviously insisting on being photographed in front of the most majestic kite there;-) Unfortunately your heroic pose (at first sight I thought, blimey that's a very young liney!) obscures both the serial number and fin markings. I'm guessing though that it's a Mk2 on the assumption that all the Mk1's had been modded to Mk1A's by then with the additional underwing tanks, but I could be wrong of course.
Interesting that the Flt Eng has dressed his props at 10 past 2. Ours used to opt for the 12 o'clock, but fashions change I guess. Nice to see the venerable Pig there too, a period scene indeed.
The one and only time I visited Khormaksar was in rather more edgy times. I remember watching a film outside of the OM. Half the mess were watching the movie, the other half were on duty guarding the first half...wasn't too sorry to be on our way next morning.
Couldn't agree with you more about Danny's excellent literary style- always leave them wanting more! And we do, Danny. Lots more!

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