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Many thanks for the confirmation that at least one of the tall tales I was told in my trusting youth had some substance. But what a story must be there ! Did Tubby tell you any more about it ?

As for the Gift of Tongues in ATC, I will shoot another of my foxes:

The place: Shawbury Tower on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Pierre was a rare exception, a Free French pilot who had married an English girl, stayed here and gravitated (as so many Poles and Czechs) into ATC. (He was short-sighted and was once found in the far corner of the Approach room, having forgotten his specs, trying to read the CR screen with the Tower binoculars).

On this occasion, a French Air Force pair were on frequency (why were they in the UK ? - B. of. B. display ?) The leader's English was not very good and he was having difficulty. Pierre confidently picked up the mike and let him have an earful of his best Parisian. Dead silence for a few moments. Then: "Can you pleeze put zumone on who can speeek Engleesh ". Poor Pierre never lived it down !