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Met man has upped the probability of heavier snow arriving mid to late morning Friday

171111Z 1712/1818 11005KT 6000 SCT045 BECMG
1807/1810 4500 -SN BKN005 PROB40 TEMPO 1810/1818
1200 SN BKN002 -
LHR already has a NOTAM covering 0430 Thu - 2359 Sat stating that diversions will not be accepted (except emergency)


My outfit seems to have two groups involved in the deicing. One is the plucky volunteers making up the numbers with a few hour training. There is also a core of guys who do year round aircraft cleaning (believe it or not) as well as year round overnight frost removal /anti-ice and ad-hoc de-icing requirements. This additional exsposure makes them far more efficient

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