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I'm happy for you that you feel this way Renegade and I'm glad you got it off your chest. I wouldn't want you bottling up that level of stess as it could harm your health.

I brought this up because it is fact, it's not made up. You can say all you want and say I'm a twit etc to your hearts content, I don't really care.

Someone who is a member of the other site who is not a member of PPRuNe advised me that the post existed there first and that the poster might get himself / herself into trouble, so I made it public. The operator(s) of the other site are no stranger to the legal system so I have probably done him or her a favour (the poster).

It has now transpired that after legal advise the other site is reviewing their legal T&C's to allow for this kind of thing because the existing policy was too restrictive.

So in summary, some good is about to come out of all of this contrary to your thoughts and feelings that seem to have been so dramatically affected.

I am sure that Rocketing will understand this all an I'll happily buy him / her a beer at the next fly-in and express over conversation how the aviation industry is not full of shady characters.

All the ownership thing means is the site can use the content as they wish once you publish it there.
Almost - - - they claim ownership to it at present but that will be soon modified hopefully.
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