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"It's the vibe your Honour"...

Rocketing, you have just posted copyrighted material from elsewhere and you should consider deleting it.

You have breached your copyright agreement with Recreational Flying website by also posting this story here as well as there.

Everything you post on that "other" website including words and pictures becomes the property of Recreational Flying. The last thing PPRuNe needs is legal threats.
It never ceases to amaze me how a thread like this on PPRuNe started by (what appears to be) a genuine participant who wants to learn something about flying can deteriorate into a slanging match because someone has decided to use the opportunity to "demonstrate their superior knowledge" or "pull someone down" (especially a new person who hasn't posted before) because....well (most likely) because they're new and we need to bully them and ill-treat them badly to see how they'll handle it.

For goodness sake VH-XXX, I don't know you nor have much idea of who you are and what you've done, but mate, you've basically added the d-head tag to yourself by this display of arrogant "who's this 'Rocketing' bloke think he is? I better throw him a wobbly and treat him with disdain to show him who's in charge around here...!".

Ffs VH-XXX, can't you see that how you've behaved here just now is at the very heart of why our industry is in such a mess? New blood comes along and we treat them like we don't want them. Wake up to yourself mate. There are literally thousands of issues with copyright in the T&Cs of every single forum and posting site on the web. F_book, Tw_tter even Hotmail, they all have these onerous clauses that basically if tested in court would likely shutdown pretty much all activity amongst us (and that would be self defeating for the sites' well being). None of it means you can't post the same content to two forums; if it's your content and you haven't copied it from somewhere else you can post it. Unless you have been commissioned to write a story or article, it's your content and no clause buried within the T&Cs of a forum is going to negate that. The most basic of basic common law statutes around copyright protect us in that respect.

What Ejector said
Dear VH-XXX, What you have just said is complete and utter absolute bollocks. You are spreading pathetic rumours and I would love to stand against you in court you uninformed individual.
is correct (and don't bother quoting the specific clause....I'm not interested....you threw this as a wobbly for the reasons I've stated above and now trying to hide behind "Don't shoot the messenger" is really just quite pathetic). Grow up and use your knowledge to help welcome the Rocketings and his friends/family who might now want to get into aviation too. That's what's needed!

(Rocketing, thanks for starting the thread. It's very interesting and good on you for wanting to find out more. Congratulations on becoming a pilot; I hope you stay on here and continue to engage)

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