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I am sorry if I unwillingly infringed copyright by using my OWN words written in word to paste on both forums. I will find out more details about the T&C's but I can't see that there is any legal ground to keep me from posting my own content here.

The plane is NOT near Jamberoo valley. It is at Gerringong. about 500m north of Werri Beach and 500m inland.

From what I saw they were lucky as the plane is parked 180 degrees in the opposite direction of them travelling just before I saw a left bank / wing stall (it looked like a wing stall to me)

I was utterly breathless when I saw the direction of their plane on the ground compared to them travelling the oppostite direction at least 300-500ft AGL

I could not make out the rego number but it was a silver / white Cessna with orange / yellow stripes.
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