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I hope that was tongue-in-cheek. Otherwise, you have a lot to learn before you make it to the left hand seat...

Originally Posted by Aeromedic
I HAVE asked senior cabin staff to make an announcement to all pax, only to be told that THEY don't know what is causing the delay.
You should have asked "why are we delayed?" When they say "we don't know" you then say "could you please find out and let us know". Hopefully even the simplest staff should then head to or handball the communicating to the cockpit.

Communications/Pax PR is a big issue these days. Get into it!
Obviously bloggs you don't fly overseas, therefore it's not so simple.

Try having a problem that's not so easily identified in an Asian port. First there is the language barrier with engineering, the check-in staff are contractors, most speak little english and there is only one part in the competition airlines stores that you need (once the solution is found), however the part numbers are different.

You then need to get someone out of bed in Australia to get the paperwork rolling, chat with the Asian MRO, follow through with the required paperwork and keep everyone else informed. This alone could take five hours.

The reason why information doesn't flow is there is no information to flow. It's best to say little, than the wrong thing!

The airlines have an action plan with this type of thing assessed by a matrix. They inform the crew as the information comes to them. The crew end up on the ride too.

After all this, the crew then run out of hours (which is about the only thing they have control over, whether to extend), there is no reserve and everyone gets sent home.

That's life in the Airlines.
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