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I didn't say stop looking for wires on final approach but you don't have to make slow, steep approaches to avoid wires - certainly those of you who have operated in a tactical environment won't have done that.

I cut my professional teeth in Northern Ireland where every field has wires but we still managed to get in and out quickly without taking any out, day or night.

The suggestion that you have to do a very steep and slow approach to be safe is erroneous and misleading.

Yes there are always the telephone wires in the tree-line and the little whip mast hiding but a low-level recce at relatively low speed and height plus vigilance on finals (if you have picked the clearest approach path) will keep you safe 99% of the time.

There will always be the really tricky LS where there are so may obstructions and such a small area to land that a high hover and vertical or steep approach will be required but there is no need to use this in every case as some people here seem to be suggesting.
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