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I have as strong a desire to live as the next guy....and did my utmost to avoid a premature departure for where ever I am bound when I do....but I have had some very close calls.

Put the wooden poles back inside the wood line....stretch a wire or wires between them over a roadway....and see how easy it is to miss seeing them at night....even with all sorts of lights shining down on them and Fire Fighters doing a ground Recce for you to boot.

Put a nice skinny radio mast up near a hospital landing pad.....and not put any markers or lights on the guy wires.....see how quickly they disappear.

I have almost run over wires in the day light drying Cherry Trees....which is nothing more than a low forward speed HOGE exercise. Some of the wires are damn thin and skinny.

Every one does a good Recon at night....sometimes it is three orbits around the LZ or more even.....No sane person does a single downwind oogle of site and then does the confirmation on finals....and lives to be an old man anyway.
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