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Never claimed to be. Unfortunately, that is a common reality in our flying schools where many ab initio instructors are all very fresh CPLs themselves and they teach and offer the same inexperienced advice that they themselves were fed 12 months earlier. If you can find an instructor that has worked in GA or airlines before becoming an instructor then hang on to them.

I am one of the few that can see the benefits that come from a cadetship program - if it is run correctly. Benefits such as mentoring from experienced pilots, practical application of the rules, CRM, training systems etc. I don't however think that a QLink Dash 8 or Skywest ATR operating in and out of east coast major cities and large regional controlled airports is the best environment for it. An Air North (Metro/Bras), Skytrans, Macair style operation is a much better environment given that you are operating into smaller towns and airstrips that enable you more time to be mentored on the job.

The flaw in low time GA (and don't get me wrong, there a plenty of good things about it) is that you take the inexperienced advice that you received from your inexperienced instructors when you did your CPL, go into the bush and fly single pilot for a few years and develop bad habits based on your inexperienced advice that aren't picked up for years until you finally find your seat in a 2 crew environment.

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