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Even with a single engine machine it is a generally safer approach (especially at night) when landing to unimproved areas. Your chances off hitting a wire or other nearly invisible obstacle are much greater than your chances of having an engine failure. Power should not be of any issue since you are planning to to pick up 200 pounds or so and accomplish a nearly verticle take-off if it is a scene response. Less than 30/300 should keep you clear of settling. You have nearly hover power applied and a very slow descent so if you see something you don't like, a go-around can be accomplished with nearly ZERO further descent or delay. You will be above any dust/snow cloud so you will not be surprised below the barriers, and will have the option of continuing the approach, stopping to a hover to see if the obscuration dissipates, or go-around and plan a new course of action.
Not being in a hurry is usually to your benefit.
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