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The milk cliff. (Cali style)

For three years, Small dairy has been struggling. They do not get subsidy, and have been forced to sell off cows for meat, or even sell to big dairy their land, and equipment.

Milk prices have hit rock bottom. Eliminating subsidy should have happened long ago. It has merely supported big dairy long enough so that the FDA has taken over control of Cali Agriculture. (thanks Obama). It also put most of small dairymen on the ropes. Now the largest milk producer is a UK firm.

Milk will get very expensive, that is the result of a sinister plan to allow the Fed friendly dairies to make a killing, and payback for accepting Fed money in the interim (sic).

You can make this up, but I didn't, the FED did..

I don't get how California can put up with this takeover, this theft, this dictatorial oppression......wait, where was Feinstein, Bixer, Garamendi, etc?

Oh, right, Feds all.
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