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Civilians have no need for such weaponry. And I don't give a rat's ass who thinks otherwise or any excuses given for civilian possession of such.
rgb, you rather missed my point. Which was to highlight, especially to the Euros who want to have a say in what we in the U.S. do in our internal acts, that their own house has decided cracks despite their efforts otherwise.

But by writing such as you did in quotes, I am not surprised.

I don't "need" any of the various firearms that I own. I can own them because I am a citizen.

It is not for you to determine for me what I can and cannot own. You become one of those "the government decides what's best for each of us" by your statements and apparent beliefs.

I don't hunt, yet I own hunting-class rifles and shotguns (even pistols). I don't participate in military conflict anymore yet I own implements that were once decidely for that purpose (my father's M1 and .45). You'd take them from me? I have an issue with that and would resist. With serious intent to stop you.

Again, it is not for you, the Euros, or this government to decide for me.

Say, doesn't the UK have laws against this sort of thing?

Man shot dead in Manchester gun violence - Telegraph

My point for including this is not to throw stones, but to point out the futility of trying to banish things people want. In this case, law-abiding people were forced to turn in their weapons.

I do not want the same to happen here.
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