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RGB.....you are certainly entitled to your opinion....no argument there.

That being said.....I too am entitled to mine....and likewise without any argument.

My Opinion about your views and your comments quoted below....is you sure know how to talk silly about serious topics.

Let's remind you of what I said....and what you completely ignored.

Anyone that builds within 10 feet (elevation) of the ocean should be on his own for insurance and disaster relief.
As I noted....I paid my Flood Insurance and my Home Owners....and would have been compensated for most of my loss by the Government (Flood Insurance) and the Insurance Company after the Deductibles were taken. When I lived on the Sailboat....I had insurance. It had stipulations for named storms and certain restrictions on being in Florida during Hurricane Season. It was not cheap but it was a necessity if I was to enjoy living on the boat. I took responsibility for my own actions (living at the beach or on the boat) and paid for Insurance to cover my risks (self funded....not putting a hand out to the government), and when necessary took preventive measures to limit my risk and exposure to damage. Operative words.....self reliant, self funded, responsible for own self and own decisions or actions.

If people in New York and New Jersey did not have the correct insurance coverage....purchased by them at their own cost to cover their homes and property....that is their problem.....not anyone else's. If the Insurance company did not pay off and violated their contract then there are legal avenues for those affected.

You think too shallowly on these kinds of topics it appears.....and fall back to a Progressive view of life.

You claim to be a proud Army Ranger in your past....but I fail to see where any of that creed rubbed off on you. You do recall what Rogers was all about and why they undertook the missions they did?

Do you think it inconceivable the Nation might have need of well Armed Civilians again? Do you not understand the People are the Militia and it is not the National Guard the Constitution refers to when it mentions Militia's?

You state with certainty I have no valid use for my Colt AR-15 HBAR.....None!

So you reject the Competitive Shooting Competitions I have competed in....sponsored by DCM (a government program) and the NRA along with other local Gun Clubs and Gun Ranges. You also reject the fact I have used the exact same rifle in hunting....done under the existing gun laws, game laws, and Federal, State, and Local Criminal laws. So much for your position about the only use for such a rifle is to wantonly murder masses of people.

In response to your statement.....I will just say I consider yours to flat feckiing stupid and not based upon anything but emotion, warped thinking, and bomblast. Since that is MY opinion....you will just have to deal with it.

Semi-automatic and automatic assault weapons (mainly rifles) are manufactured for one reason and one reason only: to kill as many people as possible in the shortest period of time. They serve no other purpose.

Civilians have no need for such weaponry. And I don't give a rat's ass who thinks otherwise or any excuses given for civilian possession of such.

These weapons belong to the military and law enforcement.
And nowhere else.

OH....one last comment.....it is off to the Peanut Gallery with you.

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