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This is really more EU-ish, but as the last gun control thread was closed and the topic is foremost in the U.S. currently, I thought I'd mention:

Dec 29 - Denmark - gunman on motorcycle using a full-auto weapon killed two people and wounded two police officers. Denmark has very strict gun control laws in general and regarding full-auto weapons in particular.

Jan 2 - Swiss man kills three and wounds two using formerly issued type of Swiss Army rifle. Switzerland has relatively liberal gun laws and a low gun homicide rate (although suicide by gun is high) as compared to the rest of Europe.

Illinios is proposing to ban all semi-auto rifles, pump shotguns, and nearly all handguns. Chicago, perhaps not coincidentally, had 532 murders in 2012, nearly 90% by gun and nearly all of those by illegal guns. That's 1.5 murdered per day. And the press coverage and the hand-wringing by the Obama Adminsistration has been precisely...nothing.

The New York paper that chose to "out" concealed carry gun owners has hired...wait for it...armed guards after being overwhelmed by negative responses to their decision. The local police has said none of the responses were threats.

Finally, in this hodge-podge of curious U.S. political items, Barry has been carrying on with renditions, operating Guantenemo Bay, and rocketing various terrorists via UAVs, including some Americans.

Carry on...
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