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Hang on Brock.....that kind of flooding has happened before.....several times.

NYC Hazards: NYC Hurricane History
It is just in the recent past that it has not.

Anyone that builds within 10 feet (elevation) of the ocean should be on his own for insurance and disaster relief. I have lived in such places and always felt it was a risk....a risk of my own choosing....and that is why I paid my Flood Insurance Premium and also paid through the nose for my Home Owners Insurance. That is shared risk.....not thinking if I get washed away that Congress shall make me good with Taxpayers money.

The Sandy Bill from the Senate had money for Alaskan Fisherman and all sorts of Non-Sandy spending. That is why the Senate Bill was not taken up by the House.....as it would not have passed due to the "Pork" put into it by the Senate. My Democrat Senator is one of those who sought money for North Carolina for a previous storm that really tore up part of North Carolina as Sandy did very little.

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