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Are we probably being a little harsh on a man who has yet to be found guilty? As a back seat rescue helo crewman I have flown with both ex-militrary and civilian drivers. I have yet to see a driver who hasn't wanted to show, at least once, how 'good' he is. I believe egos are essential provided they don't exceed ability, and would be very unhappy getting in the 'back' with a man/woman who didn't display a certain amount of confidence.

What I do expect of a driver though, is the ability to listen, to act on CRM, not just to talk about it during training. The company I work for is very proactive in this area, and if I ever thought a pilot was being reckless he would know about it immediately.

Whilst not excusing the driver in this accident, perhaps we should be looking at the history of a company whose crew (doctors and paramedics are part of the crew on helos I fly in) conducted such a 'stunt', and question their training in regard to CRM?