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SXD is diffrent. THY can take people from SXS if they want. SXD is sending some Pilots to SXS over the Winter to reduce expenses and nothing else.

The good climate in SXD is fading away, SOPīs are straight forward.

Caulfield To get along with anybody else I would suggest the following: If you take any Job abroad You are Guest in a environment that is not your own. Behaive and look, I have never came accross a Instructor who shoutet at me. It is how You appear, try to fit in, try to accept another culture, try to be tolerant. In most cases that paves you a way to survive. You do not have to bend over, in no way.

If You at least try and listen you have a easier day then if you think you can implement your way of thinking there, a drip in the ocean effect is all what happens. You loose a gallon of efforts, what is a gallon in the Ocean?, go with the flow, try, just try and your life is easier or stay at home and donīt poison the climate for others.

Working abroad can be a nice expirience or a must to pay the bills. It is not the Hostīs problem that you are there, it is your own. I have good memories back during my time in Turkey, the relations between the people where good, we enjoyed to talk together, exchanged opions and talked about everyting and anything.

Everytime when we had to do with Administration and Authorities it became a nightmare. Even the Turks themselves struggle with all that comes out of Ankaras buerocrats. Your colleague is maybe in the same boat then you, try to understand him and share some of his burden and your way as a Yabanci is easier then you can imagine.
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