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My wife goes to all of her school reunions, except one when we were in London and the boss decided to stay an extra week.

Me, one. I had never gone to any of my High School reunions, for good reasons. However, my wife kept insisting that we go. Finally for the 25th reunion, she talked me into it, so we went. Now bear in mind that I never hung around anyone I went to school with, nor dated any of the girls from my high school. I just attended the school to fill in the boxes for attending university.

All my friends were Air Force brats such as myself and the girls I dated were from the other side of the city.

So we go. After we leave I asked her if she thought she would force me to attend another one, she replied, "Oh my God, no, never."

And I've not attended any more of them. Hell, I have more and better friends with the people that attended her high school than mine.

Oh, all my friends that were Air Force brats are scattered to the four winds, so to speak.
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