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Perhaps I didn't make myself sufficiently clear in an earlier post, to here goes again:

Are you referring to the segments of an approach, as per ICAO Doc 8168, or what ATC means by an approach.

Even with doc. 8168 procedures, if you have the required visual segment at minima, whether DA or MDA (not applicable for some Cat 111) the continued descent to the runway is still part of the approach, it is the visual segment of the instrument approach procedure. This just a strue for a straight in as a visual circling as a segment of an instrument approach.

As far as ATC is concerned, "cleared for approach" means your clearance limit is the threshold, until you get a landing clearance.

An instrument approach is only terminated at the DA/MDA if you commence a missed approach.

Thus, it seems to me that the ATC "definition" of approach, and an approach as an an instrument procedure, including the visual segment of the instrument procedure, are entirely consistent.

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