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Hi, I'm really looking for opinions on this.
I am 50 and have just been made redundant, I currently have a PPL with IMC rating. I am thinking of getting a CPL and instructors rating to go into instructing full time.
I really can't decide if I should study to obtain the CPL/FI ratings full time by modular route or remain a PPL and look for another 9-5 job and fly for fun as I do now.
I really want to study full time but I know the market right now and the difficulty of obtaining work once qualified and if I understand correctly I will only be able to instruct until I am 60.
I am really looking for opinions as to the financial commitment/risk. I know it will be fulfilling to instruct.

Thanks in advance.
It's a very large financial commitment, and not a particularly sensible one to go into full time instructing. You will *not* be able to make the investment back in any reasonable time frame, and the wages/salary for a full time instructor only become livable on if you get up to CPL or IR instructing. Which generally speaking, you'll need commercial flying experience to do.

You will also find it hard to get a full time FI job as a newly minted FI instructor, unless you know someone 'on the inside'.

I know many instructors who are still working into their 70s.

My recommendation to you would be to look for another 9-5 job, do the theory/FI course in your spare time, (under EASA you can now be paid as a PPL FI) and then instruct for fun. Don't bet the farm.
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