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It's been a while since I stirred up con pilot, and this seems like a good moment.

Brussel sprouts

Only buy them after the first frosts. Buy them from a local producer; never from a supermarket. Choose small ones.. Peel off the first two layers of leaf. Remove the hard stalk, and make a cross cut in the heel of the beastie. Boil for a few minutes in a large pan, drain and reboil till they are done. While all of that is going on, stew some red onions with bacon shreds (known as lardons to some, smoked is even better).

Whack all of it into a frying pan with a large knob of butter, and warm until the butter melts. A degree of salt and a stupid amount of pepper is called for.

The taste is fine, delicate; the dreaded aftermath flatulence is not a factor, and according to those who waste their lives following such issues, there are antioxydant, or soemething like that, properties which are, it would seem, good for you.

Couldn't give a shit about the latter, they just taste good done this way.
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