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My browser has been taken over by the following:

http:// 'search . conduit . com' /?SearchSource=10&ctid=CT3196716

I have looked this up on Google and have not found a removal tool, I did find instructions on its removal via the registry, starting with going into regedit. Couldn't find a way in using Windows 7?

If anyone knows how to get rid of this annoying browser hijack I would be grateful to hear about it, system restore works on the first opening after restore but the hijack takes over thereafter.

Three sites quote the virus and specifically claim their product will get rid of it, none actually does, or even mentions/finds it when downloaded and installed! I already have Malawarebytes anti-Malaware installed and MS Security Essential installed, used to like AVG Pro until it let a well known virus in! Norton, forget it!

Help please!

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