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Sooooo....let's round up all the guns in the country....say about 250 Million of the things....and register everyone of a testimonial shot for later ballistics tests....photograph the gun....photograph the Owner...fingerprint the Owner...then track each and every one of the Guns....and Owners in perpetuity....and do so with a 100% accuracy.

The same government that gives us the Post Office, TSA, IRS, ATF, and so many other wonderful successfully competent agencies.....would be responsible for the program. You have any faith at all in now that would really turn out?

What kind of Tea are you smoking? many Dangerous Mentally Ill people are there in the Country at any one given time?

Which population do you think would be the easier to get your arms around?

Please do use at least a modicum of commonsense when you offer up these gems of wisdom will you?
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