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I don't know how you can say that 25 minutes turnaround in TSF are not possible while this is happening every day. Just my 2cents... Treviso was the first italian airport where Ryanair begins operations... and still is flying here.
If turnaround is a problem... TSF should not have 30 active routes right now.
TSF is ready for CATII operations but, as per Italian burocracy, the last signature (Military) is still missing and will came on first really disaster day with almost all flights diversions d/t fog.
Verona want a Ryanair base? Its management should think different.
VRN paid more than 17euros each passenger departed with Ryanair for more than 2 years (Just to remind that this contract has been signed from both parts, RYR & VRN) just to keep off Ryanair from Brescia airport.
Now Verona has no money...
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