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"Hahahaha that ad on AFAP made me lol"
"It's a bit silly advertising the fact that you want a skinny dood flying your C182 these days when you are going to secretly pick the skinny guy anyway. In the end it all comes out in the wash, if you are not much chop as a jump pilot you won't last too long!"

You hit the nail on the head, what I was really getting at was the site it was published on. I wonder what the AFAP advice would be to an operator that refused to employ one of its members on the sole ground of their weight and stipulating a weight below average, I reckon they would through the book at them in the courts or at least make them feel like an idiot. Nice work

Rainbow Beach Skydive are probably a bunch of good guys, there are no indications they are dodgy as such or anything like that, one would have thought that they would have just chucked out CV's of people they didn't want than open them selves up in the land of PC Oz and expose them selves to being sued for discrimination......

What will we see next week in the job ads?
Pilot needed, no non married, straight white males who can not claim to be a minority in something.

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