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Pilots should know

the following about this airline before applying:
a)Pay is poor
b)Base is on syrian border
c)Salary is paid into Turkish bank only..the bank card issued only works in Turkey.
d)Turkish training captains are an absolute nightmare to work with.They are known to shout and throw tantrums.They might even tell you to pull back on the stick at Vr.You can have 9000 hrs on type or be new to type,it matters not.Simply put,theyre rude.And if you're rude back like me,thats it.
e)SOP's are complex,intrusive and counter-intuitive.Not simple.The SOP for EFATO is not correct and illegal as theres no call verifying a "clean" a/c.If you have thousands of hours of experience on type you would find it hard to go along with them as theyre OTT and counter-intuitive.WHICH IS WHY THEY WANT NON TYPE-RATED guys.Just like ryanair in fact.Funny that isnt it?An airline not wanting experienced pilots but rather inexperienced guys who they can brainwash.
f)Standard of English is poor,well below min required Id say for training.They like Germans but nobody else that much.
g)Selection is a joke.Youd think you were being hired for NASA with all the tests not some 3rd rate little airline.They think theyre a great airline which they most certainly are not!

I say beware if youre experienced on type and like good flying with simple clear Boeing SOP's that dont try and tell you which hand to use when taking a piss.
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