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Do not underestimate the fact that a landing is a visual maneuver,you MUST look down the runway to judge your flare input.
By raising your head,your hands should follow by pulling gently until you see no runway rise,you are then parallel to the runway.
If you initiate the flare too early,you will have to flare more slowly and therefore land long.
If you initiate the flare too late,you will need to make an abrupt pitch much may end up ok but can cause positive landing and if with some thrust still in,a bounce.

As mentionnned above , at 50 feet your focus is primarly on the runway as your speed should be set as well as thrust setting.
At 40 feet,the aimiing point will start rising towards you which is the time to lift your head and look 2/3 down the runway and watch the rise.
By the time your head is up,the 30 ft will come and its time to gently pull the nose up WHILE reducing the thrust.
Do not reduce the thrust after you pulled up as it induces long flares/floats,lower pitch at landing and higher vgtd which for your morale is apparently not good.

When the visibility is low ,dark etc all clues should be used including RA and feel of the pants.

Good luck.

At 50 ft slowly reduce thrust to be at idle at 30 ft
Come on you cant be serious,do you even know how the autopilot does a landing??
I vote this the worse advice ever.

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