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Admittedly, however, I don't consider myself a sky god, hence the slight ripple I have caused in the flow of this thread.
Immediate loss of credibility OzSync.

As for the whole "nature of illness thing", it works like this at QF (longhaul): If you go on sick leave for a period of time you are required to produce a certificate (stating the nature of illness) in order to access the sick leave entitlement . If you don't then you don't get paid. There is an exception of a maximum of 4 occasions or 7 days each year but even if availing one's self of that, you will not get paid the full pattern credit for any flying lost, it will be a lesser amount.

If I am sick, then I get a sick certificate - simple, and problem solved. Personal or sensitive matters can be discussed with company doctor who can then advise crewing that the matter is genuine and sick pay is warranted.

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